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    Taking Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

      Hardwood floors can make for a beautiful addition in your home. If you live in San Francisco, CA, did you know that the dry weather can expose and affect your hardwood? Here are a few tips on how to keep your wood flooring beautiful all year round.

      The Problem

      Wood is a living material, and it has taken in moisture over its lifetime. So when you live in a dry climate, your floor isn’t getting the moisture that it needs. This can result in your floors cracking or other disfigurations. Don’t let this happen to your hardwood floors!

      The Solution

      If you’re worried that your hardwood floors could have problems in the future because of where you live, talk to us. There are a few solutions you should implement, including:

      • Acclimate when installing
      • Pick the right materials
      • Heat in winter
      • Control humidity

      Call Us Today

      Taking great care of your hardwood flooring can be more complicated than it seems. It is also important to make the right initial choices of wood and the weather conditions in your area. So give our professionals at National Blinds and Flooring a call today to learn more and to get your questions answered.

        Why You Shouldn’t Install Hardwood Flooring by Yourself

          Do you want to install some hardwood flooring in your home in San Francisco, CA? If you are a DIYer, you might be tempted to do the job yourself. However, even the most experienced DIYers should stay away from installing hardwood floors. It’s not as easy as using a staple gun to connect boards together; the process is much more complicated. Hardwood flooring installation is a job best left to the professionals. Luckily, our team here at National Blinds and Flooring are experts when it comes to hardwood flooring of all types. We’ve worked on Indusparquet flooring installation projects and DuChateau flooring installation projects as well as the refinishing of wood flooring and repair of wood flooring. Whether your floor needs a little bit of TLC or you’re installing hardwood floors for the first time, we can help!

          We don’t recommend installing hardwood floors yourself for a few reasons

          1. Special tools are required

          Your hammer and nails won’t get the job done. A variety of power and hand tools are required to successfully install hardwood floors. Just to give you an idea, here’s a list of tools required on the job:

          • Saws of all types (i.e. circular, table, jig, miter, etc.)
          • Floor leveling tools
          • Air compressors
          • Buffers
          • Hygrometers for testing moisture levels – very important
          • Glue & other adhesives
          • Knee pads to prevent wear and tear on your knees
          • Nail guns
          • Staplers
          • Sanders
          This is just a basic list of what’s needed for a hardwood flooring installation job. Once you account for buying or renting all of these tools, you could end up spending more money than you save if you decide to install hardwood floors yourself.

          2. Extra working knowledge is required

          If you don’t have any prior knowledge of either hardwood floors or installation projects in general, then you run the risk of making a costly mistake. You will need to know how to center rooms, how much space should be left for gaps, and how to work around closets, fireplaces, staircases, etc. Our team is composed of experts on all these topics. Let us handle the hard work while you sit back and relax.

          3. The raw materials are not as easy to replace in case you make a mistake. Unlike replacing kitchen cabinets or painting bedroom walls, the raw materials of hardwood floors are expensive. The last thing you want to have to do is throw away hardwood flooring and purchase new materials after making a mistake. Hire our professionals instead. We know what we’re doing, so we can help you save time and potentially money as well. Skip the YouTube tutorials and call us at National Blinds and Flooring today!

            Protecting Hardwood Floors in the Summer: 101

              So you recently had some brand new hardwood floors installed in your home, eh? Well, just because the handyman did a nice job installing the floors doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from putting in a little effort! Hardwood floors require a little bit of extra TLC during the hotter months, and this is where you can learn how to take care of them.

              Know Your Floors

              Sure, hardwood floors look beautiful when they first get installed, but how to keep them that way is what we are going to answer today. The sun is a magnificent and prevalent thing here in The Golden State. It can change the color of your skin and it can also change the color of your hardwood floors. Extreme exposure to the sun can be detrimental to the lasting beauty of your hardwood floors, so listen up!

              Learn How

              Revise Your Floor Cleaning Tactics: No, you don’t get to stop cleaning your floors (boo!), but you do get to do just a bit less than you typically would when washing your hardwood floors during the summer. For now, you can take a break from waxing and polishing. Reason being, you just really don’t need to during the extremely sunny months! It doesn’t do much for your floors during these months, and if anything, polishing and waxing your floors this time of year will just attract more sun which isn’t the direction we’re exactly heading in here.

              Feng Shui, What? For those who don’t know, feng shui is an art where people rearrange items in a room in order to achieve the best flow of energy; an arrangement that makes you feel good, basically. Moving around the furniture and other miscellaneous items in a room can really help to calm your spirits, and can also help to keep your hardwood floors looking nice. When hardwood floors get too much sun exposure the coloring starts to change a bit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we definitely want to keep the whole floor’s coloring in unison. So, moral of the story, move your furniture around a bit more frequently in order to give each square inch of your floor an equal amount of sun exposure.

              Is Your Air Conditioner Running? Well, You Better Go Catch It! All jokes aside, you should really keep your air conditioner running as much as you can during this time of year. Heat and moisture do not exactly mix very well with hardwood floors, as I’m sure you could imagine. I know, I know, keeping the air conditioner on will cost a little more money when you get your monthly electric bill, but just imagine the price you’d have to pay to replace all of your hardwood floors!

              Install Awnings Two words: Sun Damage. The rays of sun that blast through your window do a great job at lighting up your home, but don’t exactly do the greatest job at preserving the quality of your hardwood floors. Awnings, on the other hand, do a great job at keeping some of those excess rays out of the inside of your home, and they also are a nice accessory to a home’s exterior as well. So why not invest in some quality awnings? You can do it! You might be thinking, “Wow, this seems like a lot of extra effort…”, but it really isn’t too bad once you get into it and realize the benefits of following these recommendations. It will all be worth it in the long run when your beautiful new hardwood floors last you for the next twenty years.

                Things to Know Before Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

                  Are you thinking of refinishing your existing hardwood floors? Or perhaps you want to rip out your old carpet & embrace the natural hardwood floors that are hidden beneath? No matter where you are beginning, it is important to educate yourself on the process before you begin.


                  Whether you decide to go the DIY route or decide to hire a professional to refinish your floors, you’re going to want to do your research first. If you are going the DIY route, you want to know as much information as you can on things to do before you start. For example, figuring out where you are going to put all of your furniture before beginning your project. Not into doing things yourself? When looking at hiring a contractor, be sure to learn as much as you can about the company and read reviews from their previous customers.


                  Taking on a project this big means that you want to do it the right way the first time to ensure longevity of your work. Refinishing hardwood floors can take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on how much flooring is involved, how quickly the job can be performed and any damage that the existing floor may or may not have already had. This is definitely something you want to prepare for especially if you have any big events coming up in your life.


                  As with any major project, maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to increase the lifespan of your hardwood floors. The nice thing about hardwood floors is that they are realty easy to maintain. A simple dusting and occasional washing with a product such as Murphy’s Oil Soap is all you need!

                    A Crash Course in Hardwood Flooring

                      You’re ready to install new hardwood flooring throughout your home. You grab your keys, pack up the kids, and take a trip to the local hardware store. Once you arrive, you realize that you don’t know the first thing about hardwood surfaces! There’s no need to worry. Take a few deep breaths, count to three, recite your mantra a couple of times, and evaluate the situation. There are countless matters to consider prior to completing hardwood flooring installation. Fortunately, National Blinds and Flooring is here to bring you up to speed. Take a look at each of the following sections to learn more about contemporary hardwood. Before you make any decisions, be sure to consider each of the following factors. After some deliberation, you will feel calm and comfortable once you enter our hardwood flooring store in San Francisco, CA.

                      Board Width

                      Have you considered which pattern will look best throughout your space? Most retailers offer narrow strips, wide planks, parquet squares (think Boston Celtics), and geometric squares and rectangles. Keep in mind that strips can create the illusion of space, while planks will produce a rustic look. On the other hand, geometric patterns often appear quite modern.

                      Wood Species

                      It’s important to select the right hardwood species to suit your needs. Different materials offer different grain patterns, colors, and levels of durability. Many consumers choose oak, maple, and cherry for their looks and their hardness. More unique species like mahogany and Brazilian cherry may not last as long, but they have a striking appearance that you’re not going to get with other materials.


                      Take a look around your home. Which flooring color will best complement your space? Hardwoods come in all sorts of hues, from blond to black, offering buyers true versatility and infinite variety.

                      Would you like to achieve a rustic look at home? Perhaps you’re more interested in sleek and shiny surfaces. Either way, contemporary hardwood flooring retailers have you covered. Nowadays, consumers are able to access distressed hardwoods designed to disguise damage, along with more crisp and clean materials for less-busy areas.


                      If you run a hectic household, it's recommended that you install a durable hardwood species. As you already know, children and pets can wreak havoc on a given space. Fortunately, hard species will stand up to daily wear and tear. Softer species, such as pine, have a more delicate look, but may ultimately succumb to constant foot (and paw) traffic.


                      Hardwood finishes play a number of important roles. Not only will your selected finish protect the flooring surface, but it may also enhance its color and luster. Today most hardwood options come prefinished, simplifying the installation process while simultaneously reducing dust, chemicals, and installation fees. Unfortunately, while pre-applied finishes have longer warranties for buyers, these materials provide less design flexibility.

                      So, there you have it. The next time you decide to replace your floor, have a plan in place. As they say, knowledge is power. Get a handle on hardwood flooring options and impress the guy at the hardware store on your next visit! Or you can simply come and see us, and we’ll walk you through all your options.

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